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What Stops Me from Budgeting

Greenville Realtor is

Greenville Realtor is successful_houseguy.orgBudgeting is often thought of as a bad word. I know it my household it rarely gets used. But why is it that we all tend not to do Monthly Budgets.


We are afraid of the truth…that this pay check to pay check lifestyle is actually not sustainable.   (But I have been doing it for 20+years you say)…

We are afraid that we will actually have to start “SAVING MONEY.” I mean is that bad idea????? I hope not.

We are afraid that we don’t have enough money to cover our expenses.


We doubt ourselves before we start the process…I know that’s silly.

We doubt that we wont be able to change, wont be able to get off the Pay Check to Pay Check wheel.

We doubt we can face Reality…(this may be true)…But Doubting isn’t helping you!

Please don’t let Fear and Doubt Stop you from Starting a Budget. Start today, stop putting it off. In the end you will be happy. BECAUSE there are many, many benefits of Budgeting!

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