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USA Government, sad at times….

Why do we have so many American’s living paycheck to paycheck?  According to a Survey of 30,600 workers conducted from The American Payroll Association, 68 percent of American’s are living paycheck to paycheck.  Oddly enough seems the government isn’t far behind.  The Government Shutdown of 2 weeks created this massive scare that the Government wouldn’t be able to “Pay all it’s bills.”  If some of the highest educated people in America can’t figure out a budget and lead by example how do they expect the “rest of us” do to so?brokenpiggybank

The solution, the American Government created a resolution to pay its bills from the middle of October 2013 through January 15, 2014…WOW, America can stand on it’s own two feet for 3 whole months, and yet “we” are ok with this?  WHY?  I guess, “we” can’t expect our leaders to do any better than we do…THUS “we” are stuck in this unproductive cycle of foolishness.


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