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Thankful to Live in Greenville, SC

I have spent the first half of my life growing up in an esteemed suburb of Chicago, Naperville, IL.  Naperville has some of the best schools out there, it has a booming downtown, and a vibrant life for families of all shapes and sizes.  I am thankful my parents stumbled upon that ‘little’ town in 1980…the population was 42,330 residents and today it boast 146,000 residents.  Almost quadrupling in 37 years.  Pretty impressive.Greenville and Naperville Downtowns

I believe my family stumbled upon Greenville, SC and I am thankful we did.  Greenville, Downtown Greenville RiverwalkSC is the City Center of Greenville County located in the Upstate of South Carolina.  Downtown Greenville is much larger than Downtown Naperville, however it has small town charm and appeal.  Interestingly the population of Greenville is around 62,252.  It is growing roughly 1% annually and will continue to grow thanks to the booming business environment we have. Many thanks to a short list of major employers in the area; BMW, Michelin, KEMET Corp, GE Power & Water, Duke Energy, and AnMed Health, Bon Secours St. Francis Health and Greenville Health System.  All these companies are experiencing growth that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.   Companies such as these create an economy in Greenville and the Upstate Downtown Greenville Main Stthat is diverse and widely spread across numerous industries.  Wisdom is said to be gained by many advisors, and not putting all your eggs in one basket.  Greenville has hundreds of 500+ corporations with continued growth and room for more companies to move into our area.  I am so Thankful to call Greenville, SC my home!

Greenville after winter snow fall

Ceasars Head Lookout_Greenville, SCParis Mountain State Park_Greenville, SC

As you see from the pictures there is beauty surrounding us in Greenville with places likewaterfall Raven cliff Caesars Head State Park, a short drive from Downtown Greenville.   Many days of the year you will find me hiking in the mountains to beautiful Waterfalls in the upstate, or riding my bicycle from town to the Top of Caesars Head State Park, or going across the border to North Carolina and hanging out by the Saluda River Valley…we just have so much to enjoy here.   It truly is a blessing to call this place Home!  If you are considering moving, put Greenville, SC on the list of places to search. If you want a tour of the area, drop me an email. I would be happy to show you the finer parts of this great town!

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