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Return on Investment

A day in the life of a Fort Myers Rea...

The life of a fort myers realtor

My day was busy, it started out at 5am because that is sometime when I get the most work done made coffee for the wife and myself, 5:11am jumped on computer to run some MLS comps for buyer that is looking at investment realized one of the perspective homes is $15K less than all previous […]

Happy Investors, make great clients&#...


I have a few clients who are from another Country..yes, it’s one of the joys of being a Realtor in Fort Myers FL.   One of my customers was so happy with his purchase and the speed at which we found a tenant earlier this year, that he purchased another beautiful condo with our help.   […]

Rentals Pay HUGE Dividends for Invest...

Rentals Pay HUGE Dividends for Investors

“Renting doesn’t pay in SW Fl” was the title to the article of the News Press on July 25, 2011.  The article covered the report by Washington-based Center for Housing Policy, which stated the our Rental Rates are the top 56th  out of 211 markets study and our median home prices are 186th of those […]

How to Get 50% Return on Investment f...

How to Get 50% Return on Investment for Real Estate

How to get 50% Return on your hard earned MONEY, year over year, for the next 100 years! Do you really think this is possible? I am here to say YES! Truth be known, in the world of real estate the men and women who have made wise decisions for the past decade have had […]