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Full Time Real Estate Agent

Full Time Real Estate Agent

You might be considering to buy a home in Southwest Florida.  You are here on vacation at one of the many Waterfront Properties in Cape Coral, FL or you are spending time on Fort Myers Beach and you dream of living here.   After all in the middle of winter when it is snowing everywhere […]

Investors are everywhere

Investors are everywhere

Moral of the story, In a hot market with properly priced homes, making low ball offers makes for a losing “investment strategy.” Instead I always go with the strategy of making a few dollars today is better than spending thousands in the hut for the “home run” investment.

Resent Success Story on Vacant Land I...

Resent Success Story on Vacant Land Investments

Success Story #1: 3525 NW 21ST ST CAPE CORAL FL 33993, vacant lot purchase for $7,750 August 30, 2013 and Sold for $11,500 September 24, 2013.

33% Return in 1 Month, 400% Annualized Return on your Investment.

Vacant Land Investments Success

Vacant Land Investments Success

Safe investments with vacant land. Vacant land in Lee County Florida that was once valued at $60,000+ are now available for purchase for under $10,000. Vacant land has seen property appreciation of over 40% a year and if you buy the right properties you could see 20% in under 3 months!

Angry tenants….Playing you like...

Angry tenants….Playing you like a fiddle..

Property Management is best left to professionals who have a long history of renting properties to ensure you get the most money out of your rental.

Real Estate Investments – Vacan...

Real Estate Investments – Vacant Land

Fort Myers Realtor suggests Vacant Land as good real estate investments for now and future.

Pool Home for Sale in Eagle Ridge, Fo...

Pool Home for Sale in Eagle Ridge, Fort Myers

Here is the best value home for sale in Eagle Ridge real estate in Fort Myers FL. Justin, your Fort Myers Realtor, went through all the homes for sale on the Fort Myers MLS in Eagle Ridge Golf and Country Club to hand pick the best home right now to buy. Find the most complete list of homes for sale on the Fort Myers MLS on

Fort Myers Home Values Increase 30%

Fort Myers Home Values Increase 30%

National Housing Numbers Rebound and Lee County Home Values increase over 30% year over year in August, 2012. Good news from the association included the higher selling prices of traditional homes that helped boost the area’s overall median price, an increase of 30.9 percent in August to $127,000 from $97,000 a year ago. It was the sixth month in a row that the median price has been above $125,000.

“The market indicators are up in Southwest Florida,” said Marion Briggs, association president, in a statement about the local numbers. “For the past six months the median price has remained above $125,000, due largely in part to the fact that traditional properties have been the majority of our single home sales, which is very good news.”

Real Estate “best investment...

Real Estate “best investment” says Warren Buffet

Are you interested in Real Estate Investments? Did you know Warren Buffet recommends buying homes as good investments? Warren Buffet would “buy a couple hundred thousand homes” he state on “Squawk Box.” If he says BUY, most say it is good advice to follow. I have helped dozens of investors purchase real estate and do HOLD their investments, for some time now. We are purchasing homes in Lehigh Acres, Cape Coral and even Fort Myers Florida ranging in price from $70 – $150K.

Investor’s Caused the Real Esta...

Investor’s Caused the Real Estate Bubble

Courtesy of the and an article from The Associated Press. LAS VEGAS – Dec. 13, 2011 – A new federal report shows that speculative real estate investors played a larger role than originally thought in driving the housing bubble that led to record foreclosures and sent economies plummeting in Nevada, California, Arizona, Florida and other […]