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Real Estate investing with Warren Buffets advice

Rent Vs Selling a Home

Rent Vs Selling a Home

Property values are stabilizing,  according to President Obama the economy is recovering and rental rates seem to be increasing rather quickly.  This brings many owners to consider renting out their properties instead of selling.  They can get great rental income and perhaps wait till home values increase even further before selling. As an investor myself […]

Real Estate “best investment...

Real Estate “best investment” says Warren Buffet

Are you interested in Real Estate Investments? Did you know Warren Buffet recommends buying homes as good investments? Warren Buffet would “buy a couple hundred thousand homes” he state on “Squawk Box.” If he says BUY, most say it is good advice to follow. I have helped dozens of investors purchase real estate and do HOLD their investments, for some time now. We are purchasing homes in Lehigh Acres, Cape Coral and even Fort Myers Florida ranging in price from $70 – $150K.