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Obama Administration

50 Reasons to Vote for Donald Trump i...

50 Reasons to Vote for Donald Trump in 2016

50. He will fix the broken ‘systems’ we have today. 49. He is NOT a lifelong Politician. 48. He makes a strong argument that Hilary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and the current President have had plenty of time to “change” America and yet, we still haven’t seen real Change! 47. He will make America Great AGAIN, […]

USA Government, sad at times….

USA Government, sad at times….

Both the American people and the American Government are living paycheck to paycheck. There needs to be hire expectations, maybe there needs to be a purging of the “representatives” in office now.

New Housing Bubble is stealing from A...

New Housing Bubble is stealing from Americans

As millions turn from home owners to renters, we shall expect quality of care to drop. We should expect wealth to disappear from most, we should only expect negative impacts of this shift in wealth from Millions of hard working American’s across the nation to a few on Wall Street and their buddies on Capital Hill.

Living within your Budget…

Living within your Budget…

Mr. President Obama, spoke a lot about cutting spending, making a balanced budget, having the government begin to act like it’s people are around the country, living within a budget. This blog will be about a families budget and some good places to start. Since I am a realtor and I help people buy and sell […]