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Housing BUBBLE…Again?

Housing BUBBLE…Again?
All I have read in the past week are headlines like, Real Estate has biggest year over year jump in February 2013, Real Estate Values increase in February, Markets across the nation are growing strong, Real Estate has rebounded. Does any of this positive news ring a bell? Are these the same headlines we read about in 2005…just months be [...]

New Construction Housing

New Construction Housing
New construction always seems to be the best value for those willing to pay the price to get a home exactly how they want it.  You get to pick the colors, the counter tops, the placement of lights and switches as well as all the flooring and finishing touches.  If you are a first time buyer this is an exciting thing to do but be careful and b [...]

Fort Myers Home Values Increase 30%

Fort Myers Home Values Increase 30%
Courtesy of, “Area can’t match housing spike” September 20,2012 Housing figures released Wednesday were good news for Florida and the United States. Prices and sales both increased in August from a year earlier, according to statistics released by Florida and national Realtors. The news was not quite as good in [...]

Cape Coral Waterfront Home Sold

Cape Coral Waterfront Home Sold
Cape Coral Waterfront Pool Home Just sold for $218,000 on December 9, 2011 a Just Right Realty listing located at South East Cape Coral, FL 33904, with the help of your Fort Myers Realtor and Cape Coral Waterfront Specialist.  This was a beautiful 3 bedro [...]

Most Expensive Property Sold in Lee C...

Most Expensive Property Sold in Lee County
For 2010 the most expensive property sold was located at 14000  Schultz Rd,  Fort Myers, FL  33908 located next to Gulf Harbour.  The property boasts of a private River Front Estate on the Caloosahatchee River in Fort Myers Florida.  This estate spans over 7 acres and offers a Victorian Mansion of over 12,800 square feet.  It was sold in Jan [...]

Property Management Saves Landlord $1...

Property Management Saves Landlord $1000’s
Gosh Justin, writing 2 blogs a week, servicing 10+ short sale contracts, and working with 5 very antsy buyers fills a week really fast.  Hey, I guess I should count my blessings and be happy to be busy during the “slow” months of Florida Real Estate.   The topic of my blog today is going to be the Value a Quality Property Management Person.  [...]

Fort Myers Home Prices Rise

Fort Myers Home Prices Rise
The Official numbers are in for the month of September 2011 in Lee County Real Estate.  There are some interesting numbers for those who are looking to buy a single family home in Fort Myers or Cape Coral or anywhere in Lee County for that matter.   For Buyers, the numbers look like they are in your favor, well that is everything but price.   [...]

I have a STRONG BUYER – Ft Myer...

I have a STRONG BUYER – Ft Myers Realtor
I have a listing in Botanica Lakes, which is a beautiful gated community located on the Treeline Corridor in Ft Myers Florida.   This house is 2700 sqft, 5 bedrooms 3 full bathrooms and is the cleanest, most professionally decorated, well kept home I have listed in 7 years.  Yeah, it’s that good!  Now it is listed $37,000 less than the compar [...]

Shadow Inventory – Concerns

Shadow Inventory – Concerns
I know my previous post was a little politically charged.  OK, I am over my weak spot or maybe angry spot I have for the government these days.  You have been patient enough to read my series of blogs on Why 2011 will be a better year for real estate than 2012!  You have been waiting for this post today with great anticipation as to Justin, T [...]

Stock Market Fears? Use your Self Dir...

Stock Market Fears? Use your Self Directed IRA to Invest in Real Estate.
HOLY COW, Can you believe the Stock Market, in two days it lost 1146 Points!  YIKES.  And then the US debt rating was reduced from AAA to AA!  I don’t care who  you are these actions by the “markets” are an economic indicator if I have ever seen one.  Listen, I am not the Doom and Gloom Guy, I am the House-Guy, and I love selling real estate. [...]

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