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1% Increase in Mortgage Rates Mean fo...

1% Increase in Mortgage Rates Mean for YOU?

Real estate prices continue to be on the rise with the low inventory of homes available.  As prices continue to rise your ownership costs (over 30 years), also continues to rise.  BUT here is the best news.  You can save $52,851 on your mortgage payments when you buy today with the low interest rates at […]

First Entry for Thankful ThursdayR...

First Entry for Thankful Thursday’s

We have a lot to be thankful for as American’s.  Do you ever sit in a quiet place and meditate on this?  If you are like me, your life is busy.  It is filled with running kids to and from school, soccer practice, dance recitals, football games, horse lessons, and soon I am sure we […]

What Stops Me from Budgeting

Greenville Realtor is

Budgeting is often thought of as a bad word. I know it my household it rarely gets used. But why is it that we all tend not to do Monthly Budgets. Fear: We are afraid of the truth…that this pay check to pay check lifestyle is actually not sustainable.   (But I have been doing it […]

Pool Home for Sale in Hampton Park, G...

Pool Home for Sale in Hampton Park, Gateway

Do you want a newly constructed pool home in Fort Myers FL?  Do you have a budget of $360,000 for your next property?  Are you considering moving to Florida because you work with Hertz Corporate and you want a great neighborhood to live in?  Look NO further,  10288 Templeton LN FORT MYERS, FL 33913!  It […]

Full Time Real Estate Agent

Full Time Real Estate Agent

You might be considering to buy a home in Southwest Florida.  You are here on vacation at one of the many Waterfront Properties in Cape Coral, FL or you are spending time on Fort Myers Beach and you dream of living here.   After all in the middle of winter when it is snowing everywhere […]

Closing Documents

Closing Documents

You are buying a house or condo in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, or Bonita Beach Florida, and you are wondering; “what will I be signing at closing table?”  I mean the real estate process is scary and then even more intimidating when getting a loan, it all boils down to the “closing table.”   Here […]

Home Inspections in Fort Myers Florid...

Home Inspections in Fort Myers Florida

As you probably already know, getting a home inspection done is a must when making an offer on a particular property. But what you may not realize is that a home inspection is a good idea when selling your home, too. Why? Because it can detect previously unknown problems that you may want to address […]

Rate of Absorption

Rate of Absorption

Knowing the Rate of Absorption also indicated by months of Inventory is a helpful indicator of the Real Estate Market.  Is it a “buyers” market, with inventory levels exceeding 7 months.  OR is it a “sellers” market with inventory levels under 6 months which is equivalent to homes selling faster than hot cakes at McDonalds.  […]

FHA Financing – Condominiums i...

FHA Financing –  Condominiums in Fort Myers

FHA Financing for Condos located in Fort Myers Florida.

Good Faith Estimate or GFE

Good Faith Estimate or GFE

Justin Ruzicka the offers help to first-time buyers, investors and second home purchasers who are looking at Good Faith Estimates and understanding the purpose of a GFE and how to find out the costs for getting a loan on a home you are looking to purchase.