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Foreclosure Investors in Florida

Foreclosure Investors in Florida

We have all seen it on the wonderful Foreclosure Flipping show on HGTV that Tarek and his wife buy properties for hundreds of thousands of dollars; site unseen and then go into the house to see; “what did i buy?”   The suspenseful, drama filled action makes for great TV viewership, but the reality is, I […]

Happy First Time Home Buyer Cape Cora...

Happy First Time Home Buyer Cape Coral

If you are first time home buyer and every home you look at needs repairs or work to make it livable this is a great way to purchase a home, and have the work done and make it your Family’s Home!! If you need help finding a qualified mortgage broker to work through the FHA 203K program please let me know, fill out my contact form and I would be happy to email the mortgage broker I work with on these types of loans. It is a tricky process, and you need an expert mortgage banker to work through the FHA 203K financing, so please do not hesitate to ask for me for that info.

Cape Coral Waterfront Home Sold

Cape Coral Waterfront Home Sold

Just sold for $218,000 on December 9, 2011 a Just Right Realty listing located at South East Cape Coral, FL 33904, with the help of your Fort Myers Realtor and Cape Coral Waterfront Specialist.  This was a beautiful 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home with just under 2000 square feel of living area.  The homes […]

Fort Myers, and Lee County Real Estat...

Fort Myers, and Lee County Real Estate Market has Stabilized

I am going to do a series of posts as a follow up to my “Reasons Why Now is the best time to sell your  home.”    Reason #1 was The Short Term Market has stabilized.   How do I define short term?   I would suggest that short term is 6-9 months.  For the […]

S&P Case Shiller Index August 20...

S&P Case Shiller Index August 2011

I am not a negative Nancy by any means, but I am a realist.  I call a spade a spade and do not mislead or provide false hope.  The only “hope” that might be out there in the real estate market is prices are pre 2003. If you are looking to buy a home in […]

Retirement accounts are safe from Cre...

Retirement accounts are safe from Creditors in a Short Sale

This is a brief from an post on CNN Money Blog about short sales. A short sale is the preferable route to unload a house that has become a financial burden you can no longer handle. The bank agrees to let you sell your home for less than what’s owed on the mortgage and absolves […]

Have we Hit the Bottom of The Market ...

Have we Hit the Bottom of The Market in Southwest Florida?

According to Case-Shiller Index the Change in Home prices from Q1 2006 through Q1 2011 is -61.1%.   Does a Drop of over 60% of value indicate to anyone that prices are at bottom?  Now, I caveat this discussion with something simple, there are different quadrants of real estate that you have to take into consideration.  […]

Follow up on 2009 Real Estate Predict...

Follow up on 2009 Real Estate Predictions….

In December 2009 I wrote a blog in regards to some real estate predictions that would come to fruition in 2011. Link to my previous Blog is at bottom, however here are some takes from the blog. “My projections are that 2010 and 2011 will be the decline of Moderate to High Real Estate, or […]

Why Average Days on Market Matter to ...

Why Average Days on Market Matter to Buyers

Understanding that Average Days on the Market for a listing communicates either positively or negatively in a buyers mind, and how often dictates the offer you will receive on your home. From a First Time Buyers stand point this article is a must read.

WSJ article: “Home Affordability Retu...

WSJ article: “Home Affordability Returns to Pre-Bubble Levels.”

This is a great article that really ties into the January Newsletter, that we are in a “normal” real estate market now. We have seen the Huge declines year over year, we have seen the gluttony of foreclosures processed through the court systems According to the WSJ, “Many economists and housing analysts expect an additional […]