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What Stops Me from Budgeting

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Budgeting is often thought of as a bad word. I know it my household it rarely gets used. But why is it that we all tend not to do Monthly Budgets. Fear: We are afraid of the truth…that this pay check to pay check lifestyle is actually not sustainable.   (But I have been doing it […]

Response to Blog about “100% Fi...

Response to Blog about “100% Financing”

Here is a link to the blog written by Charles Burgess who works in Rutherford County in North Carolina. This is a beautiful area. I have friends up there, i have rented homes on Lake Lure, it is awesome. But that is not the point of my blog today, the point of my blog […]

Benefits of Budgeting

Benefits of Budgeting

I started off the year with some directions on starting a budget.  AND I promised I would talk about the Benefits of a Budget and here they are. You will be able to pay for your Childs College Education (debt free) You’ll Tithe more than 10% (minimum that the bible suggests) It will empower you […]

Living within your Budget…

Living within your Budget…

Mr. President Obama, spoke a lot about cutting spending, making a balanced budget, having the government begin to act like it’s people are around the country, living within a budget. This blog will be about a families budget and some good places to start. Since I am a realtor and I help people buy and sell […]