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Happy Investors, make great clients&#...


I have a few clients who are from another Country..yes, it’s one of the joys of being a Realtor in Fort Myers FL.   One of my customers was so happy with his purchase and the speed at which we found a tenant earlier this year, that he purchased another beautiful condo with our help.   […]

Rent Vs Selling a Home

Rent Vs Selling a Home

Property values are stabilizing,  according to President Obama the economy is recovering and rental rates seem to be increasing rather quickly.  This brings many owners to consider renting out their properties instead of selling.  They can get great rental income and perhaps wait till home values increase even further before selling. As an investor myself […]

Fort Myers Property Manager….

Fort Myers Property Manager….

The shocking information I found out from one prospect was sad, scary, and down right immoral. One property manager had collected over 20 applications for a property over a 14 day period and charged all the applicants $150 fee.

Another Property Rented in under 21 D...

Another Property Rented in under 21 Days…

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