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Real Estate Investments – Vacant Land

Some of the best real estate investments I have done in the past, present and plan to in future is vacant land.  There benefits for land include

Vacant Land for Sale $5000

              Vacant Land for Sale $5000

  • Low holding costs
  • No insurance needed
  • No dealing with difficult tenants
  • No worrying about AC breaking or Water heaters leaking
  • No worrying about something stolen…Go ahead take some Dirt…HA
  • High Rates of return
  • You can start out with a $5000 for your first investment

If you want to have over 30% ROI then Vacant Land is your ticket, Contact me today for the best lots.

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Justin Ruzicka, Realtor
Justin Ruzicka, RealtorThe House Guy
Much of my real estate career has been in buying, repairing, then selling the properties for a profit. I work for specific investment groups doing this, as well as manage a personal portfolio. The other 50% of my business is helping my neighbors, I have helped dozens of Families buy or sell their home.

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