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Love the weather in Southwest Florida

I know this is a real estate blog about Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs and the surrounding area, and the topic today, well is on something unique.  I am an avid cyclist who gets 100 – 200 miles on the bike each week.  Living in southwest Florida, with average temps in the 70′ during winter and 90’s in the summer I get out on the bike all year round.   Today I joined up on the Pannera ride a weekly ride of Caloosa Riders, and it was so much fun seeing 20+ riders out at 8 am.  These guys and gals were there to enjoy the camaraderie of a team, the beautiful weather, the miles on the saddle, and for some the all out efforts for the best work out possible.

One of the best things of living in Southwest Florida, is the year round weather is beautiful.  In the winter when it average temps are in the 70’s and the rest of the world is freezing we just have a big smile on our faces down here.  In the summer when daytime temps are in the 90’s we are either in a air conditioned office (for those of us who are working), at the beach, out on the boat fishing or just relaxing or hanging out at the pool working on the tan.  One of the reasons the biking clubs ride in the mornings is because the temps are “cooler” and the wind is often less.  Today morning temps were in the upper 70’s which is a perfect temp to ride a road bike in.  As for mountain biking, well we love what we have, but many of us run up to Georgia or the Carolina’s once or twice during the summer to get some real Mountains!

Anyway, it is this great weather and spending time on my bike outside all year round that’s one of the benefits of being a Realtor in Fort Myers Florida.

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