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Lee County Eviction Process

Eviction NoticeYes, Eviction is a dirty word in Property Management.  We feel it is almost always able to be avoided; if  the Property Manager is able to be respectful, kind and compassionate to the tenants needs.  Of course there is a fine line between being kind and compassionate and getting taken advantage of.  We have rented to over 200 tenants in over 10 years, with dozens of properties.  In all these years and tenants, we (thankfully), can still count on one hand how many times we have had to see eviction through the entire process.

Since we have evicted less than 5 people in over a decade, we would not consider ourselves “Eviction Experts” but again, thankfully do to Lee County Eviction Packet and General Guidelines (and sometimes the help of our Attorney) we are able to evict the needed tenants in a short time frame and with limited costs/loss to the owners.  Attached is the Lee County Eviction Process Sheet or Flow Chart as they refer to it. Lee County Eviction fees and time line You will see the Eviction Process from start to finish is 22 days…that is FAST.

If you are from up north or California where eviction can take 3-6 months, less than 30 days is ROCKET DOCKET SPEED….ZOOOOM, and eviction is done.

If you are a landlord and not having the best of luck finding quality tenants please give the and his team a jingle.  They have been doing Property Management successfully for over a decade and have increased owner returns 10 fold with their lost cost fees to property management.  Feel free to read more about our Property Management in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Buckingham or Lehigh Acres

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