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Fort Myers Realtor Denny Grimes

Denny Grimes and CompanyIf you have lived in Southwest Florida, or even vacationed here for more than a month you know the name Denny Grimes as a exceptional realtor.  He has been in the business pushing multiple decades and a resident of Southwest Florida for even longer.  He wears his Royal Blue Shirts and Tie’s as his trademark in the business.  Clearly he is one of the best agents in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs and the surrounding areas.  What may come as a surprise to many home sellers is that 94% of all Denny Grimes Listings in the previous year had an agent out side of his office as the buyer’s agent.

For many this is shocking, because of Denny’s excellence in advertising, and marketing.  However, statistically speaking this makes perfect sense.   You see overwhelmingly buyers end up purchasing a home they have viewed with their real estate agent..yes 97% of buyers view homes on the internet, but when it comes to the home they purchase, it is the one they have walked through, touched, and talked about the buying process with their realtor.

My point, while it takes an organized realtor to ensure the top sales price of your property, it doesn’t take great marketing excellence to get the job done right.   It takes being part of the Fort Myers MLS.

This clearly points out that there is only so much a realtor can do to market and sell a home, but one thing I think is most important when hiring a realtor is choosing the one that is a Good Listener.   You have desired needs and wants and those need to be heard by your Realtor®.   Justin Ruzicka the Houseguy and his team are ready to listen to your needs and put into action a Sale Plan that ensures we do the job to your expectations.  In fact it is our goal to exceed your expectations every time.

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Justin Ruzicka, Realtor
Justin Ruzicka, RealtorThe House Guy
Much of my real estate career has been in buying, repairing, then selling the properties for a profit. I work for specific investment groups doing this, as well as manage a personal portfolio. The other 50% of my business is helping my neighbors, I have helped dozens of Families buy or sell their home.

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