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Happy Landlord and tenant at the END of the LEASE.  :)

Happy Landlord and tenant at the END of the LEASE. 🙂

Good morning Southwest Florida and the sunny canals of Cape Coral FL.  Oh what a beautiful city to live, play and call home.  Or for some call it their winter home. 🙂   I am the and I do a lot of property management in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs and even Lehigh Acres.   Often our tenants receive 100% of their deposits at the end of the lease for how well they leave the property.

The other day  I scheduled a routine inspection for a property we manage with a tenant who was astounded.  What, you really do physical property inspections for owners, asked the tenant?   This particular tenant has rented in the area for the last 5 years and 2 other locations and they never had the property manager come to the property ever….YIKES.   To think you are paying  a property manager a monthly fee to be the eyes and ears with your property and they never look at the property while a tenant is living there?  What are you paying for if they don’t do 1/2 of their job?

There are some property management companies that charge a very low management fee, and their level of service is reflective of that.  I have heard that some property management companies in Cape Coral charge the owner a fee ranging from $50 – $100 to provide property inspection reports.  If you are researching property management companies to hire one question I would ask them is:  Do you do periodic physical inspections of my property and do you send me a report of your findings?  We do inspections or the properties we manage on a quarterly basis.  We send reports of our findings, we take pictures, we try to be as detailed as we can.

As an investor myself with a few properties in my personal portfolio, I can’t imagine not putting my eyes on my investments at least 4 times a year.   I mean do you want your investment looking like this:

Property poorly managed...

Property poorly managed…

If you want to ensure that your investment will be in as good of condition as when the tenant first moved in, you better make sure your property manager is doing periodic physical inspections.





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