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TOP 10 Reasons to Buy a Home Before CHRISTMAS in 2017

  1. Sellers are Eager to Sell before Winter weather….
  2. Your Neighbors Decorations are horrible
  3. Great way to impress the Extended Family by Inviting them over to your new house.
  4. Your embarrassed you still have your neighbors casserole dish they brought over for Thanksgiving…LAST YEAR…
  5. You can Buy now and we will organize closing for Christmas Gift!
  6. Your children need a fireplace for Santa to slide through
  7. You need new hiding place for Elf on the Shelf.
  8. You really Don’t need to buy your wife a New Car…but a House, YOU DO!
  9. Mortgage Rates are going to Go UP in 2018!
  10. There is NO BETTER GIFT THAN A HOME!!!

I know buying a home is scary.  There are many moving parts to the purchase of a home, and the mortgage application is huge undertaking on its own.   You can put your trust in me to help you buy your first home.   I have great mortgage lenders who are transparent in the process and will ensure you are buying a home you can afford.  If you are considering purchase a home this year, and need a trusted REALTOR by your side lets sit down and chat.  I am never to busy to discuss your scenario in private; you will find I am honest, sincere and here to help you.

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Justin Ruzicka, Realtor
Justin Ruzicka, RealtorThe House Guy
Much of my real estate career has been in buying, repairing, then selling the properties for a profit. I work for specific investment groups doing this, as well as manage a personal portfolio. The other 50% of my business is helping my neighbors, I have helped dozens of Families buy or sell their home.

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