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Benefits of Budgeting

I started off the year with some directions on starting a budget.  AND I promised I would talk about the Benefits of a Budget and here they are.

  • You will be able to pay for your Childs College Education (debt free)
  • You’ll Tithe more than 10% (minimum that the bible suggests)
  • It will empower you to take big family vacations (debt free)….not every year of course.
  • You will be able to buy the car of your dreams…just not anytime soon.  🙂10BeautifulCars_SouthCarolina Realtor
  • You will be able to have 20% of MORE for the down payment of your home.
  • NO more worrying about paying Bills!!! (with the budget you will live within your means…unlike 87% of Americans)
  • Never miss a credit card payment again
  • You will pay off your mortgage in under 20 years…(even if it is a 30 year loan)
  • You will be able to buy anything your kids desire (here’s the funny part, your kids wont be asking you to be buying them anything any more, they will be so happy that the stress levels in the house have dissipated that they only want to hang out with you!!)
  • You will be able to Replace the broken water heater ASAP, without borrowing money..
  • Your roof needs replaced..don’t worry, you have that money in savings
  • Your AC broke down, its $4,000 to replace, who cares, you have planned for this and you don’t have to worry any more.

Are you getting the picture here?   Living on a budget will mean you will not have to stress about money in the future.  Maybe you become unemployed, but because you have been living within your means you don’t worry.  You just adjust your means for that unemployed period of time.  It really is a blessing to live a life on a budget!

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