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Being Dad isn’t always easy

Psalm 121-7

Today I was reminded of how powerless I am in the world.  As a parent we want nothing more than to protect our children from harm or troubles or ‘difficulties’ in life. YET, we are not surrounding them 24/7 or standing by their side. Sure we live in “safe” neighborhoods, we try to pick the ‘best’ schools for them to go to, but really in the end all of this is for NOT.   It is only through God’s will that my children are protected and flourish.

My children attend a Christian after school program that we choose because of course, God is watching over the program (which I completely believe). However God asks me daily to Pick up MY CROSS, and follow him. One of my Crosses’ are my children.   I have to humble myself, my strength(or lack there of) and lay my children’s fears, doubts, concerns and struggles at God’s feet. I am so thankful that he promises to carry my burdens and watch over my prayers, Mathew 6:31-33, Phil. 4:6-7.

My son was being picked on (it is NOT Bullying, this is the “Worlds” attempt to explain evil, in children)…sorry I don’t buy into this #halftruth.   My best option, was to go to God in Prayer.   Thankfully this time I did just that. All to often, I pick the ego driven option and it always fails, you can ask my wife for proof of this. And what if I don’t pick the write option, this is the best thing about God’d love. It is covered in GRACE. He watches over me, my family, my children, even when I forget to ask.   THANK YOU GOD.

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