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Being a Home owner…

OK, I’ll admit the jist of this article today is about being a proud daddy, happy father and blessed man.  BUT, it does revolve around home ownership I promise…So this past weekend we were at home in Fort Myers swimming in our pool.  The water temperature is perfect, kids are really trying to practice all they have learned at swimming lessons, it is great!  Our kids are under 4 years old so they are just getting used to the pool.  This is our first home with a pool, so that too is new to them.   I was making lunch so i was inside, when my oldest son 4 was really focused on practicing those swimming strokes…(in the shallow end were he can touch bottom and head is safely above water)….Half way into making lunch my son comes screaming in the house, daddy, daddy, i gotta show you something.

We go out to the pool, and he says…Watch….he virtually swims the width of the pool.  What an awesome moment that was for him, and for me as a father.  Pure bliss starts to roll through my heart and mind.  Even though he is the oldest child, swimming has been his arch nemesis.  He’s had swimming lessons since he was 2 years old, and even a private teacher who has come to the house for a month (but that was during winter and outside air temp made swimming a little tough)…none the less, it has been a real struggle.   However he has been persistent, he has always had a good attitude about trying to learn, but today his success came from taking a leap of faith in himself and his abilities.  I’m telling you, as a father seeing this small but amazing transformation could not make you any prouder!!! WOW, SO HAPPY!

How does this relate to home ownership….a few ways, first, owning your own home allows you to grow as a family.  Growth because there is a great sense of comfort in your own home.  Growth because you have your own space, weather it be the garage you needed, the yard, the playground in the community, it is “your own.”  Second, i think that with the comfort level of owning your own home comes a greater sense of pride.  Not pride in a bad way, but pride in “taking care of YOUR HOME,” not your landlords home.  This pride often can be felt by your family members, maybe you have greater joy day in and day out because of the pride of owning your own home.  And then like my experience it seems blessings are abundant in your own household.  Don’t get me wrong, God doesn’t hold back blessings to those who don’t own, but it just seems like there are more blessings when it is yours…Maybe it is just the perspective that changes (that is probably it).  That perspective is awesome!!

I hope you are on a journey that leads you to the happiness of home ownership soon or already has.  I’d love to hear your little stories of happiness in your home so share them in a comment below.  Until I write again may God Bless You.

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