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Apple Genius, Imac, Macbook and more…

I have been a loyal Apple customer for 7 years with nearly a dozen different Apple apple logo  Fort Myers Realtorproducts including; iMac, iPhone(s), ipod (s), MacBookAir, ipad.  It all began one stormy evening in late 2007 when my Microsoft Computer was giving me troubles…then someone suggested get Mac, they don’t crash and they will last forever…well my laptop at the time was 4 years old and so I figured I would test it out.  The recommendation was accurate and so began a long lasting relationship I with Apple.   My computer worked wonderful…except about 6 months ago when Apple forced everyone to go to New Operating System Mavericks or buy a new Apple product because your computer, laptop was too old and outdated…Well my computer had been updated a few years back with enough memory, in fact twice as much memory as needed for Mac OS X…Mavericks.  I made the “Recommended” (strong arm recommendation) change by Apple.

Recently my iMac 2008 has been given me troubles since the change…even more recently i purchased another MacbookAir because I have tons of travel planned this year and figured in needed to work while traveling. When I purchased my MacBookAir I was suggested to become a business member, since I am a small business owner and often needed more help than others with computers and software and business members received preferential treatment because Apple valued us so much as customers.  All ver nice warm and fuzzy feelings, and since being on the “business team” is free, it seemed pretty clear choice.  Now, my sales lady spoke highly of the Business Team and Chris Malone, a lead at Coconut Point Mall for the Business Team would take care of me personally.  Oh thank you for making me feel so important. OH and i probably should spend $99 for the Data Transfer from my old computer to new computer and get unlimited, One on One’s for a year…so I obliged and spent $99 in addition to my new MacbookAir.

I hope it comes to no surprise that I expected the following when working with Apple’s team including; Genius Bar and One on One’s.

– Honesty

– Dignity

– Respect

– Good Genuine Customer Care

– Value as a loyal customer and “business team member”

What you will read over the next 3 weeks or more (i gotta a lot of info from my first one on one and first Genius Bar meeting to write a book)…will reveal none of the above were the expectations of the Apple Employee’s and the Genius’.

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