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Another Property Rented in under 21 Days…

Cape Coral Pool Home

Cape Coral Pool Home is proud to have another Property Managed in North Fort Myers Florida.  He has rented 3 homes in the same gated community of Palm Island, just next to Moody River Estates.  Palm Island is a beautiful neighborhood with tons of fun activities for all ages.  One of the best features of the community is the private boat ramp that has direct access to the Caloosahatchee River and thus the Gulf of Mexico.   The property was a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom pool home that rented for $1575 per month on a 12 months lease agreement.  There are many more aspects to property management than just finding a tenant and renting the place out.  One of the major aspects that we know we do better than most other property managers is qualifying tenants.  We can claim this because of the hundreds of tenants we have had over the years we have less than 4 Evictions, that’s proof in the pudding.

Our team has a background in mortgages and mortgage underwriting. We take it for granted but the standards of a great mortgage underwriting is to understand the “true” or “complete” financial picture. The better the job done with that the less foreclosure actions or negative consequences down the road.   We feel it is the same in placing a tenant into a  property, so we look at it as through the eye of a mortgage underwriter.  1. Can this person afford the rent today?  2. Do they have stable past and income to prove in the future they will be a tenant?  3. Are they 1099 or w-2 employee  4. What outside factors/debts are limiters to them paying rent for the term of the lease?   Clearly our understanding of this is evident, in that over 80% of our tenants have been with us for over 30 months!!!

I hope to be your property manager soon, so feel free to contact me today.

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