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A- Frame Style Home



If you have lived anywhere that the snow is heavy and frequent in the winter months, you know the benefits of a steep roof.   As the name suggests the architectural style of this house is the shape of an A, with steeply-angled sides (roof line) that begin near or at the foundation and meet at the Top.




The design of the A-frame is simple and minimalist often with just one bedroom and one bathroom.  There is beauty in its simplicity.  Today you see many “tiny homes” using the A-frame.  Here is a great schematic of the A-frame design.

A huge deck on the front of back of a house facing the mountains surrounding you…what could be better?  Or maybe it is Stream running through the property that the deck is facing and you get to hear the bubbling brook as you relax in the sunshine.


“A” nice feature of this design is exposed rafters.


Growing up as a child, my family had a cabin in Wisconsin Dells, WI.   The cabin featured an A-frame with a side extension. It was built on a hill so it was 2 level design, where the architecture built into the side of the hill.  Really utilizing nature to is finest.  It was a Concrete Block Foundation, with wood construction for everything else.  The rumor was the designer was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.  One of Frank Lloyd Wrights notable design features was always incorporating the natural landscape into the design of the home.

a-frame_interior-larger-design a-frame-cabin-design-architecture a-frame-cabin-interior



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