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A day in the life of a Fort Myers Realtor

The life of a fort myers realtor

My day was busy, it started out at 5am because that is sometime when I get the most work done

  • made coffee for the wife and myself, 5:11am
  • jumped on computer to run some MLS comps for buyer that is looking at investment
  • realized one of the perspective homes is $15K less than all previous sales, seemed to suggest great buy… I shot and email off to buyer asap
  • complete a Rent Performa on 2 perspective investments for the buyer
  • Sent buyer the Rent Performa’s coupled with the MLS Competitive analysis and really focused on the $15K steal of a property… 6:05am
  • Woke kids up, fed dog, got wife cup of coffee, fed kids, read some bible passage…(didn’t have much time to ponder (what is better word here?)
  • Took kids to school
  • Stopped by Property being turned over on lease today to make sure it was in perfect condition and completed an Pre-walk through checklist
  • Got to office 8:40amThe life of a fort myers realtor
  • Prepared addendum to lease
  • Meet with tenant, collected rent security deposit and last months rent..
  • Called wife to plan weekend, it is a holiday weekend after all
  • Worked on cleaning the general ledger for property management…(that was a long difficult process)…realized we were thankful for our processes in place, that allow us to triple check where every penny is accounted for in our property management division.
  • Called and harassed my friends…that was fun…
  • Deposited $$ in the bank
  • Grabbed lunch at home – Noon
  • Cleaned the pool, added some chlorine, cleaned the bathrooms while I was home for lunch
  • Delivered check to HOA Management firm my buyer closed on a property and the sellers didn’t transfer over Electronic keys to access property…ugh..we have to wait till Monday to get the key’s because FRIDAY is a “busy day in the office.” (even thought on the paperwork it said we could pay extra money to get keys same day…we were happy to pay the extra $$.) If they generally don’t do cards same day on Friday…put a little disclaimer…Same day cards are not done on Friday’s…I would have waited till Monday and used my time more effectively today…UGH
  • Drove to listing that is Roof was schedule to start last week, promised it would be started this week..its FRIDAY….nothing was started..
  • Went to roofing contractor’s office, office manager (which wasn’t great at customer service, calm collective communication, or managing schedules) told me it would be started next week..I reminder her this was the 5th week I was told that and was hoping for a more definitive answer…
  • Thankfully someone came out of back office, and called job supervisor asked him when he had it on his schedule to start he had it on Monday…I was told I could go by jobsite on Monday…Memorial Day and see workers working hard…(Awesome I said..)
  • Drove back to office to finish the day
  • Called and scheduled 4 showings for tomorrow, because the Buyer from earlier today (6am email) wasn’t sure the $15K discounted property was a good “buy.”…it is $15K less than the other sales, it has been on the market less than 30 days, it is a good buy…But it’s ok, lets go look at homes over a holiday weekend. J
  • Called and chatted with a few agents on quality of tenants in property, was the property in “good showing” condition…I know my buyers are picky so if I am going to look at properties they are going to hate, I not to show them those properties.
  • I call my buddy who is helping me with some wood work at my own property…schedule to have him help me next weekend, but lets game plan tonight.
  • Jump back on computer to research Comps for the showings tomorrow to make sure I am using my buyers time wisely and the properties we look at fit into her investment range, with regards to ROI.
  • Call buyers agent who is working with me on Closing coming up next week, draft an extension to closing because roof isn’t repaired…YEAH, 5 weeks of getting the wrong answers, closings looming….made for a tough day..
  • Drafted extension, sent to sellers for signature..i used Docusign that allows people to sign electronically with Tablet, smart phone, or computer…LOVE IT
  • Looked at 3 other foreclosures coming up on foreclosure auction next week for client.
  • Received addendum to contract closing in June, sent to sellers for their signature…
  • Write blog,
  • Call it a day, till the phone rings again…
  • The day in the life of a Fort Myers Realtor. J 5:15pm
  • Wife called, said pick up milk on my way home… Okay.

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