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50 Reasons to Vote for Donald Trump in 2016

50. He will fix the broken ‘systems’ we have today.#TRUMP2016

49. He is NOT a lifelong Politician.

48. He makes a strong argument that Hilary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and the current President have had plenty of time to “change” America and yet, we still haven’t seen real Change!

47. He will make America Great AGAIN, yes this is suggesting that things are not so hunky dory right now…sorry, I believe that to be true.

46. He is not a racist.

45. Have you read the ART of the DEAL…maybe you should, you might learn about him.

44. He understands the use of leverage during negotiations and how to properly apply pressure at the right spot to ensure the deal is weighted in his favor.

43. He knows how to surround himself with brilliant minds for advisory roles and guidance on decision making.

42. He is a fair, just, and honest boss

41. He is a pragmatic – something rarely if ever seen in Washington D.C. these days.

40.  He will bring forth the desire within to make better choices personally, in an effort to improve each family’s current economic reality.

39. He will reduce the economic inequality in America because it is not to his benefit to have millions of American’s in need of government support; unlike it is to the benefit of the liberal party.

38. He will bring forth education to the masses on real wealth and how to obtain it.

37. He respects the constitution of the United States of America.

36. His business philosophy doesn’t prey on the weakness of a person, nor would his actions as Commander and Chief.

35. He respects his elders

34. He is a great negotiator

33. He wont offend rich, powerful players within other governments – it’s bad business who better than the rich and powerful to understand this?

32. While Building a wall to secure our boarders he will open up trade so that Tariff’s are lifted and thus empower other countries and nations to import items into America easier and more successfully again.

31. He is not going to start WWIII.  He understands this is not good economically.

30. He is not crazy; contrary to what the Liberal Media wants you to believe.

29. He respects the code this country was founded on by our four fathers.

28. He understands the constraints working within the systems of governments.

27. He is not biased on any level, rather he has expectations of all man, women, child, government.

26. He will win more peace talks than Hilary Clinton will.  i.e. He is a better negotiator than Clinton.


24. He expects, rather demands the “best” of everyone. Some people call this “Leadership”

23. He gives us exactly what he demands of us…His “best” efforts in all that he does.  This is called “leading by example.”

22. He is DIFFERENT.   Amen!

21. He Self FUNDED his campaign, he does not abuse others or demand their money for his benefit.  A stark contrast to the CLINTON and OBAMA Administration.

20. He has amassed millions, nay billions of dollars with his corporations and business ventures much to the benefit of the local communities in which he has done business….GOSH, isn’t this proof positive he knows what he is talking about?

19. He understands human nature.

18. His business mindset does not limit him to Right or Left wing ideas, he is open to the “best” idea that will help the whole of the economy/country.

17. Success Breads Success.

16. He knows how to use human nature to the benefit of the individual, corporation, and thus country as a whole.

15. He is a man who has a larger than life reputation.

14. He is dedicate to help those who are less fortunate than he has been. (its good business sense people!!!)

13. He can motivate all levels of the economy from individuals to the largest most powerful corporations out there.

12. He is committed to the success of our nation. Sadly the Obama administration is okay that America has become a laughing stock of the world these days.

11. He does what he says, and says what he does, some refer to this as Honesty.

10. He doesn’t lie about being poor and needy in order to gain the votes of the less fortunate.

9. He likes limited government.

8. He thinks outside the box

7. Who better to understand tax reform than the person who uses the current tax structure to benefit his businesses and ventures.

6. He is a Free Market Guy

5. He understands how to empower those at all economic income levels to thrive…

4. His success must be a result of the extraordinary minds he has employed or empowered within his company over the years.

3. He understands the relationship of Taxation and economic growth.

2. He is not entrenched with indoctrination that often comes with being a career politician.

1. He’s started out as a small business man.

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