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A day in the life of a Fort Myers Rea...

A day in the life of a Fort Myers Realtor
My day was busy, it started out at 5am because that is sometime when I get the most work done made coffee for the wife and myself, 5:11am jumped on computer to run some MLS comps for buyer that is looking at investment realized one of the perspective homes is $15K less than all previous sales, seemed to suggest great buy… I shot and email of [...]

Happy Investors, make great clients&#...

Happy Investors, make great clients….
I have a few clients who are from another Country..yes, it’s one of the joys of being a Realtor in Fort Myers FL.   One of my customers was so happy with his purchase and the speed at which we found a tenant earlier this year, that he purchased another beautiful condo with our help.   This is a 2bedroom 1 bathroom condo listed for [...]

Pool Home for Sale in Hampton Park, G...

Pool Home for Sale in Hampton Park, Gateway
Do you want a newly constructed pool home in Fort Myers FL?  Do you have a budget of $360,000 for your next property?  Are you considering moving to Florida because you work with Hertz Corporate and you want a great neighborhood to live in?  Look NO further,  10288 Templeton LN FORT MYERS, FL 33913!  It boasts: – Gated Neighborhood   [...]

Just Sold Botanica Lakes Home

Just Sold Botanica Lakes Home
Beautiful Botanica Lakes home This beautiful home in Fort Myers, Florida recently sold at a great price of $323,500. This home is located at 11308 Pond Cypress St in the Botanica Lakes Community. Let Justin Ruzicka, your Fort Myers Realestate expert, show you beautiful homes like this. Justin and his team work exclusively with [...]

Fort Myers Realtor Denny Grimes

Fort Myers Realtor Denny Grimes
If you have lived in Southwest Florida, or even vacationed here for more than a month you know the name Denny Grimes as a exceptional realtor.  He has been in the business pushing multiple decades and a resident of Southwest Florida for even longer.  He wears his Royal Blue Shirts and Tie’s as his trademark in the business.  Clearly he [...]

Full Time Real Estate Agent

Full Time Real Estate Agent
You might be considering to buy a home in Southwest Florida.  You are here on vacation at one of the many Waterfront Properties in Cape Coral, FL or you are spending time on Fort Myers Beach and you dream of living here.   After all in the middle of winter when it is snowing everywhere else it is on average 70 degrees or warmer down here.  It [...]

Closing Documents

Closing Documents
You are buying a house or condo in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, or Bonita Beach Florida, and you are wondering; “what will I be signing at closing table?”  I mean the real estate process is scary and then even more intimidating when getting a loan, it all boils down to the “closing table.”   Here is a quick reference list o [...]

News Years Resolution

News Years Resolution
Its a New Year!!! Many of us have set New Year’s resolutions. Did you know that according to a government website (yes, they actually keep statistics on this), reducing stress is listed among the top 10 New Year’s resolutions? Well, if you’re stressed, I may be able to help. Whenever you have a question about real estate  [...]

Home Inspections in Fort Myers Florid...

Home Inspections in Fort Myers Florida
As you probably already know, getting a home inspection done is a must when making an offer on a particular property. But what you may not realize is that a home inspection is a good idea when selling your home, too. Why? Because it can detect previously unknown problems that you may want to address before putting your property on the market [...]

Take the OFFER, it’s Good.

Take the OFFER, it’s Good.
In today’s fast pace, high rolling life of a realtor as glamorized by wonderful shows on HGTV (ps these shows are rarely ‘reality’ for most agents), sellers often think, the offer is too low.   Lets take a $150,000 Single Family Home in Cape Coral Florida, which by the way that price range is quickly disappearing.   Statisti [...]

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